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19 Oct 2014

I've made a few updates to UpcomingTasks over the last month, here's a quick rundown on what's changed.

Improved support for small accounts

If your account only has one project, UpcomingTasks will now tweak some features to improve the experience. A new Project link in the menu takes you directly to your project and the name of the project will no longer crowd up your task lists.

Task List

A more welcoming home page

The page that is shown to users before they login has been updated to describe some key features and showcase them in new screenshots.

Welcome Page

Add to Home Screen updates

The Add to Home Screen page has also been simplified following updates to the Windows Phone pin method.

My Home Screen

View the code!

Just in case you missed it, UpcomingTasks is now open source! While no user data will ever be shared, everyone can now peek under the hood and see how the whole system works.