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31 Dec 2012

It's the holiday season and I've had more time to work on UpcomingTasks, so some improvements have been made over the last few weeks. These updates are applied automatically and all users receive them free of any charge.

Tablet styling improvements

As I can now more appropriately test tablet designs on my new Microsoft Surface, UpcomingTasks is now a lot easier to use on a tablet. This includes larger navigation items, improved finger-sized buttons and suitable list padding.

Improved readability

Spacing and fonts have been updated to improve readability. Larger sizes are utilised so that you can quickly process information while using a mobile device.

Project view

For another view of your tasks, your Basecamp 2 projects can now be viewed via the folder icon in the navigation. From here you can navigate to existing tasks and quickly add a task to a list by pressing a plus icon.

Project view A sample project view